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mp3/mp4 player Empty mp3/mp4 player

Post  Marlon (Liquid) - DELTA on Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:34 pm

i am looking for an mp3/4 player that can work when connected all the time to a power outlet that has around 512mb/1gb memory and preferably something cheap.

anyone has an expeirence with some models of this kind?

Marlon (Liquid) - DELTA
Marlon (Liquid) - DELTA

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mp3/mp4 player Empty Mp4

Post  AVLA on Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:52 pm

Yes, my sister's mp4 i tried it but made me sware all over the place as i didnt know wat to do to make it work... and there was no manual (NOOB Mp4 user Guide) at hand... Evil or Very Mad

im not a musik... fanatic... i just hear them wen im relaxed on pc or trying to create a frag movie... sorry can't help...

BTW... QUICK WEAPON JOKE... jin kont nahseb li mp4... ha jkun model ta mp5... imma xhin tafas it-trigger tohrog il-musik li trid... ma tafx int bhal ma emm hollow points u fully jacket ammo... jkollok mags rock, hip-hop, rap ...etc... ekk dak in-nejk... bis-safe al bix titfih, single shot al server connection u auto all downloads... LOL... Twisted Evil

ara mux vera ta... ma tmorrux tahsbuni xi hysterical MOFO... Evil or Very Mad im just in a happy mood

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